JULIA’S JIHAD Tales of the Politically, Sexually and Religiously Incorrect: Living In the Chaos of the Biggest Muslim
Julia’s Jihad : How to Write Like Julia

This is the book that I have never finished it yet. Nope, it is not because about the book’s quality, but my reading quality *LOL* I can choose the skimming way, but I think it will be prohibited for this interesting book. But for your pleasure, I’ve read a half of this book, and I hope my review can give a good explanation what you will get from there.

OK for the first look at the cover. This is a female Petruk. Petruk is one of the Punakawan, Indonesian character for funny and satire, especially when we want to grumble about the goverment. The humour is easy absorb by the people, and the government will not so insulted because of his joke. This cover was designed by Sri Astari, Indonesian painters that thought this painting will be fit enough with Julia’s character.

So, who is Julia?

Julia Suryakusuma is a Jakarta Post columnist since 2006. Jakarta Post is Indonesian newspaper in English. This book is a collection of her articles in Jakarta Post, Tempo Magazine, and Superkoran. She has university background in psychology, sociology and politics.

Then, why did I get attracted to buy this – 524 pages – book?

Because she stated JIHAD bravely. Before I read this book, I thought that jihad is a bad application in our country. For example, armed warfare and terrorist. I believe the original one, from Al-Quran should not be like that. And I grabed the feeling Julia wants to straighten the meaning of Jihad.

And she did it.

In the introduction, she told us that original meaning of jihad is ‘spiritual struggle’, to change the negative emotion become the positive one. And most of her articles was picked from the awful problems that were happened in Indonesia, but completed with her opinion about that problems.


I like Julia’s articles because I’m a bit like her. Hehehe, it’s not about bluffing but I think I know how she’s thinking and writing.

First, she has a great opinion about everything. So this idea will be strong deliver to the article. This idea will attract people to read it, and pursue people to agree with her argument.

Second is she uses daily life to deliver her message. It’s interesting because I always do like that, to make my concept can be accepted easily.

Third, Julia is always ready with the data. I imagine she must be work hard not only to wrote an article, but also search the data and process it. Her insight will give the reader another new knowledge.

This is the step that I am lazy to do it. I think I ‘ll be ended like Samuel Mulia in Kompas Minggu, who always speak about everything, without data.

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